Every book has its first page. Every blog has its first post. Why did I decide to start a personal blog? The idea of documenting my “wisdom” has been occupying my mind for the past few years. Perhaps even earlier. It’s part of the human nature to postpone action. Growing as a professional and an individual I stumbled upon exciting technology, met great people, had thoughts that resulted in good and bad decisions. I consider myself lucky for the experiences life presented me. Sometimes I wish these moments were put into word. This would allow me to reffer to those ideas, and share them with other folks who (maybe) find them useful.

Organising my thoughts publicly is going to be an unnatural activity. The protective mechanisms of my consciousness tell me that I should keep it all to myself. I’d rather do differently. I will put time and effort to perform the “noise reduction”. The process shall be enriching for myself. I hope the output is useful to my readers too.

I will not scope down the topics within this blog. Anything that interests me might find its way through to the posts. From software engineering to politics, and from raising children to cryptocurrencies. I hope you will enjoy reading my blog.